User Name

Something Went Wrong While Configuring the Camera User Name


When configuring an Insteon Wi-Fi Camera, you may occasionally encounter a message informing you that something went wrong while configuring the camera user name. There are several reasons why this may occur.

  • The user name was shorter than 1 character or longer than 12 characters
  • The user name included characters other than numbers and letters
  • The user name included spaces

The Insteon app should properly restrict entry of user names such that they do not contain any unsupported or invalid characters. If you are unable to resolve the user name adhering to the restrictions above, you can tap Use Admin to use the default camera user name "admin" and complete setup. After setup is complete, you can change the user name from Edit Camera.


Changing the Camera User Name from Edit Camera

Step 1

From Edit Camera, scroll down to Network Settings and tap Username.


Step 2

Replace admin with your desired camera user name. Ensure your user name meets the following criteria:

  • Between 1 and 12 characters long
  • Letters and numbers only
  • No spaces
  • Case sensitive

Step 3

Tap Done

The Insteon app will update your camera's user name and attempt to reconnect.


Basic Troubleshooting

If, after changing your camera's user name, the Insteon app is unable to connect to your camera, attempt setup of your camera again.

  • Navigate to Edit Camera, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Camera.
  • Add a Device and choose Camera
  • In the list of cameras, your camera should appear as already configured.
  • Enter the new user name chosen in step 2 above. If you receive an error informing you that the user name or password is incorrect, try using the user name "admin" as it's possible the camera user name was not updated.
  • If you are still unable to connect to your camera, follow the steps in this article to factory reset your camera and start again.