Factory Reset an Insteon Wi-Fi Camera


If you are unable to connect to your Insteon Wi-Fi Camera, have forgotten your camera's user name and or password or otherwise wish to reset your Wi-Fi Camera to factory settings with the default user name and password.


Factory reset your Insteon Wi-Fi Camera

  1. Connect your camera to your router using an ethernet cable.
  2. Ensure your camera is connected to power.
  3. Use a straightened paperclip to press and hold the recessed reset button for 10 seconds. If your camera was connected to power less than 60 seconds prior to attempting a factory reset, you may need to wait for the camera to completely start up before you can attempt the factory reset.

On Insteon Wi-Fi Cameras and Insteon HD Wi-Fi Cameras, the reset button is located on the bottom of the camera housing.


On Insteon Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras and Insteon HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras, the reset button is located at the end of the combined power and data cable.


Additional Information

Factory resetting your camera will restore these settings to default:

  1. Basic Settings
    • Camera Name
    • Logs
    • Camera Time settings including time zone and NTP options
    • User Accounts and Passwords. After resetting your camera, your camera's user name will be "admin" and the password will be blank
    • Multi-camera configuration (HD Cameras only)
  2. Network Settings
    • IP Address settings
    • After resetting your camera, your camera will use DHCP to obtain an IP Address
    • Wi-Fi Settings
    • Configured PPPoE settings
    • DDNS settings
    • UPnP Settings
    • Custom port settings
    • Email alert settings
    • FTP upload settings
    • Automatic Remote Access settings. After resetting your camera, Automatic Remote Access will default to enabled.
    • Camera firewall settings
  3. Video Settings
    • Video timestamp and on-screen display
    • Configured privacy zones
    • Configured snapshot settings
    • Configured IR LED schedule
  4. Alarm Settings
    • Configured motion detection settings
  5. Recording Settings
    • FTP upload settings
    • Alarm recording settings
    • Local alarm settings
    • Scheduled recording settings
  6. Pan and Tilt Settings (Indoor Cameras only)
    • Pan and tilt speed
    • Cruise settings
    • Power-on position settings