Dimmer DIN Rail Module

Insteon DIN Rail Dimmer is a module that clips right onto a DIN rail to add a wide variety of customizable, remotely controllable dimmer options (brightness levels, ramp rates) to multiple lights. Also available as a wire-in Dimmer On/Off Module.

A DIN rail is a method of mounting electrical devices; it doesn't carry any power, it's just a mounting solution. Multiple InsteonDIN Rail On / Off modules can mount to a single DIN rail making it easy to keep a complicated lighting setup organized.

Essential Info

When planning the electrical wiring for your home or business, avoid adding too many wall switches in a single location. Wall switches ganged together cause homeowner confusion and can quickly ruin the aesthetic of a room. Instead consider adding a single Insteon  keypad to control all the lighting. It's easy when combined with Insteon  DIN Rail products.

Use of DIN rails is common overseas and in US commercial/industrial buildings. Because of their ease of installation, DIN rails are becoming more popular in the US. DIN rail products provide integrators and builders a more custom and organized way to handle complicated wiring circuits.

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The DIN Rail Dimmer clips directly onto a 35mm DIN rail and wires to load, power and neutral. Link it to an Insteon keypad or any other Insteon device for full remote control over the module and it's connected load. Specifically, DIN rail Dimmer is compatible with the "Top hat rail EN 50022" (sometimes referred to as a Type O or Type Ω) The DIN Rail Dimmer will fit either variation of this style DIN rail (either 15 or 7.5 mm "high" off the mounting surface).


• Add Insteon dimmable remote control directly to your wired lights
• Snaps onto a DIN rail
• Sense wiring retains local control at the switch
• Compatible with latching, single momentary and dual momentary switches
• Programmable on-level and fade on/off speed
• Featuring dual-band Insteon technology for the fastest and most reliable performance

What's in the Box

Dimmer DIN Rail Module

1x Quick Start Guide
1x Owner's Manual


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