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Insteon Dimmer Outlet

This revolutionary receptacle is the first of its kind to offer a built-in remote controllable dimmer, requiring no re-wiring of your lamp plug or a special wall switch. Simply installs in place of a standard receptacle and can controlled from any Insteon-compatible controller.

Winner of the 2012 Electronic House Products of the Year Award in the Lighting Controllers Category. 

Invisible Control

Say goodbye to bulky remote control modules - with the Dimmer Outlet, everything you need for remote control is built-in and completely invisible for a clean, elegant look.

Individual Control

The bottom outlet is always on. Whether you need an outlet in the hallway for the vacuum, or an outlet behind the living room couch for an Insteon tabletop controller, you'll never have to worry about the outlet being switched off.

Tamper Resistant

Automation shouldn't place your family in jeopardy. That's why the Dimmer Outlet features tamper resistant receptacles, preventing your young ones from possible accidental electric shock.

Limitless Control Options

There's never been a more flexible outlet when it comes to remote control. Control directly at the outlet, use any Insteon device or even your smartphone with the Insteon Hub.


The power of remote control.

With the Insteon Dimmer Outlet, you can control the upper outlet independently - from a wireless remote in the same room - or from your smartphone on the other side of the world.


From your Smartphone

From any Insteon Device

At the Outlet


Control from your smartphone.

With the Insteon Hub, you can remotely control either outlet from your smartphone or tablet. And not only that, you can create schedules, receive alerts and configure scenes, too. There's no need to buy a new, internet-connected crock pot.


Remote Control

It doesn't matter if you're controlling his and her nightstand lamps, you can turn on the Dimmer Outlet on and off from your smartphone or tablet.


With the power of Insteon, Dimemr Outlet integrates perfectly with your Insteon scenes for one tap "All Off" or more engaging lighting moods for "Movie Time" and "Entertaining."


Schedule the Dimmer Outlet with an adjustable ramp rate that slowly brings the lamp on off at any time of the day on any day of the week.



Control from any Insteon device.

The power of Insteon means remote control of either outlet from any Insteon device throughout your home.


Wall Switch

Looking for a switched-outlet without looking to hire an electrician? Make any Insteon switch control the Dimmer Outlet from anywhere in your home.

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Wall Keypad

Any Insteon Keypad button can control the Dimmer Outlet for convenient control. You can even see if the outlet is on or off from the Keypad button. 

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Mini Remote

Add a Mini Remote and you can control your Dimmer Outlet without wires, anywhere in your home. Great for night stands, end tables and more. 

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Insteon sensors automatically control you outlet using motion, doors, windows, water leaks or even detection of smoke. 

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Control at the outlet.

Remote control shouldn't be inconvenient. If you find yourself needing to turn on Dimmer Outlet with no remotes in sight, you can always switch the Dimmer Outlet on and off with just a tap.


Local Control Button

You're never too far from control with Dimmer Outlet. Just tap the button between the two outlets and you can turn it on and off.

Load Sense

With LoadSense technology, your Dimmer Outlet can detect when you turn on a connected lamp and automatically turn on other Insteon devices throughout your home; your table lamp just became an Insteon switch.


Feature rich.

A remote control outlet is pretty cool, but we didn't stop there. Dimmer Outlet is packed with features that make it a fantastic addition to your home's automation repertoire.


300W Load Capacity

The power to control your
lamp needs

Load Sense

Automatic control from
your controlled lamp

Tamper Resistant Outlets

Keep little fingers safe
from electric shock


Remote Control

Control from another Insteon device, sensor, smartphone or tablet with the Insteon Hub


Powerline & Wireless Signal for
maximum reliability


Control multiple devices
with a single button

Individual Control

Control the upper
outlet independently



Insteon Outlets Compared


Outlet Type

Outlet Type


Intended Load

Depth into
Junction Box

Maximum Load

Dimmer Outlet

2 Prong

3 Prong

Tamper Resistant

Lamps Only

1.42 in


On/Off Outlet

3 Prong

3 Prong


Lamps + Appliances

1.32 in

600W Incandescent
15A All Other Loads


What's in the Box

Dimmer Outlet

1x Dimmer Outlet
1x Dimmer Key
2x Mounting Screws
1x Quick Start Guide


Documentation & Downloads