Insteon Device

Communication Types for Insteon Devices

Use this article to determine if your Insteon device can communicate with other Insteon devices via powerline-only, wireless-only or powerline and wireless dual-band.

    Powerline Wireless
Dimmer Module 2456D3 Yes -
2457D2X Yes -
2457D2 Yes Yes
On/Off Module 2456S3 Yes -
2635-222 Yes Yes
Outdoor On/Off Module 2456S3E Yes -
2634-222 Yes Yes
LED Bulb 2672-222 Yes Yes
LED Bulb for Recessed Lights 2674-222 Yes Yes
Dimmer Switch 2476D Yes -
2477D Yes Yes
Dimmer Switch (1000W) 2476DH Yes -
2477DH Yes Yes
Dimmer Switch (2-Wire) 2474DWH - Yes
On/Off Switch 2476S Yes -
2477S Yes Yes
Dimmer Keypad
(6-Button or 8-Button)
2486D Yes -
2334-222 Yes Yes
On/Off Keypad
(6-Button or 8-Button)
2486S Yes Yes
2334-232 Yes Yes
Dimmer Outlet 2474DWH Yes Yes
On/Off Outlet (2007) 2473SWH Yes -
On/Off Outlet (2014) 2663-222 Yes Yes
Wired Thermostat 2441TH - Yes
Wireless Thermostat 2441ZTH - Yes
Thermostat Adapter 2441V - Yes
Mini Remote
(Wireless Switch)
2444A3 - Yes
2342-242 - Yes
Mini Remote
2444A2WH4 - Yes
2342-232 - Yes
Mini Remote
2444A2WH8 - Yes
2342-222 - Yes
Wi-Fi Camera 75790 - -
75790WH - -
HD Wi-Fi Camera 2864-222 - -
2864-226 - -
Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera 75791 - -
HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera 2864-232 - -
Open/Close Sensor 2421 - Yes
2843-222 - Yes
Hidden Door Sensor 2845-222 - Yes
Motion Sensor 2420M - Yes
2842-222 - Yes
Leak Sensor 2852-222 - Yes
Smoke Bridge 2982-222 Yes -
IO Module 2450 Yes -
Ceiling Fan Controller 2475F Yes Yes
Dimmer Micro Module 2442-222 Yes Yes
On/Off Micro Module 2443-222 Yes Yes
Open/Close Micro Module 2444-222 Yes Yes
Ballast Dimmer 2475DA2 Yes Yes
Dimmer In-Line Module 2475D Yes -
2475DA1 Yes Yes
On/Off In-Line Module 2475S2 Yes -
2475SDB Yes Yes
220V Load Controller 2477SA1 Yes Yes
2477SA2 Yes Yes
Dimmer DIN Rail Module 2452-222 Yes Yes
On/Off DIN Rail Module 2453-222 Yes Yes
MorningLinc 2458A1 Yes -
Lock Controller 2862-222 Yes -
IRLinc Transmitter 2411T Yes -
IRLinc Receiver 2411R Yes -
SeriaLinc 2410S Yes -
Access Point 2443 Yes Yes
Range Extender 2992-222 Yes Yes
Energy Display 2448A2 - Yes
iMeter Solo 2423A1 Yes -
SynchroLinc 2423A5 Yes -

Deleting an Insteon Device with the Set Button

If a device has stopped functioning or if you are replacing an older device with a newer device, you can remove it from Insteon+. Follow the steps in this article to remove an Insteon device from Insteon+. Removing a device will also remove it from any room, schedules and scenes and cannot be undone.


Delete an Insteon Device from Insteon+

1. Press and hold the set button on the back of Hub Pro until Hub Pro beeps. Press and hold the set button on the back of Hub Pro until Hub Pro beeps again.


2. Press and hold the set button on your old Insteon device until it double beeps.


3. Repeat the process in reverse, starting with your old Insteon device. After several moments, the Insteon device will disappear from Insteon+.


If An Insteon Device Has Not Disappeared from Insteon+

If you have followed the steps to remove an Insteon device from Insteon+ but the removed device continues to show and no longer responds, try the troubleshooting steps below.

Sign out of Insteon+


1. Navigate to Homes and tap Settings


2. Tap Sign Out


Force Quit Insteon+


1. With Insteon+ open on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, press and hold the power button until Slide to Power Off appears.


2. Release the power button and press and hold the Home button until Insteon+ disappears.