Sonos Player Features and Limitations

Use this article to understand the currently supported features and current limitations of Sonos Player integration.

Supported Features

  • Control play, pause, volume, and tracks for a Sonos Player from an Insteon Keypad, Mini Remote or Wall Switch
  • Trigger a Sonos preset from an Insteon Keypad, Mini Remote or Wall Switch

Controlling a Sonos Player from an Insteon device requires creating a scene. Learn more about creating a scene by viewing this article.


Current Limitations

  • App support is only available on iOS.
  • A maximum of four Sonos Players can be added to the Insteon app.
  • Only one Sonos Player can be a member of a scene.
  • At this time, you are unable to edit Sonos Player functions from within a scene. If you wish to change a Sonos function after a scene has been created, delete the scene and re-create the scene with your desired changes.
  • At this time, Insteon app-learned presets do not work with all possible Sonos sources. The following sources have been tested and are known to function:
    • Amazon Music Stations
    • Apple Music Radio
    • Google Play Music Stations
    • Pandora Stations
    • tunein
  • To facilitate preset playback from an Insteon device, the Insteon app lets you learn source presets. Configuring these playlists is done from within the Insteon app when editing a Sonos Player settings.
    • You can learn up to ten Insteon app Sonos presets
    • These presets are shared among all configured Sonos Players
  • Insteon has tested Sonos support with the following Sonos Players:
    • Sonos Play:1
    • Sonos Play:3
    • Sonos Play:5
    • Sonos:Connect
    • Sonos Connect:Amp (ZP series)
    • Other Sonos Players may work but have not been tested by Insteon
  • If your Sonos Players or your router are disconnected from power, it may take up to two minutes before your Sonos Players are rediscovered by the Insteon Hub.

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