Locate your device's Insteon ID

All Insteon devices except for WiFi Cameras have an Insteon ID. Use this article to help locate the Insteon ID for your product.

The Insteon ID is usually printed on a small, white rectangular sticker affixed in the locations described below. All Insteon IDs take the form of three hexadecimal pairs (A1.B2.C3).

Device Insteon ID Location
Dimmer Module On the back
On/Off Module
Outdoor On/Off Module
LED Bulb On the top of the bulb lens
LED Bulb for Recessed Lights
Dimmer Switch On the metal mounting bracket in one of the four corners
Dimmer Switch (1000W)
Dimmer Switch (2-Wire)
On/Off Switch
Dimmer Keypad (6-Button)
Dimmer Keypad (8-Button)
On/Off Keypad (6-Button)
On/Off Keypad (8-Button)
Dimmer Outlet
On/Off Outlet (2007)
On/Off Outlet (2014)
Wired Thermostat On the inside of the cover as well as near the screw terminals
Wireless Thermostat
Thermostat Adapter On the back
Mini Remote (Wireless Switch) On the back, towards the bottom
Mini Remote (4-Scene)
Mini Remote (8-Scene)
WiFi Camera This device does not have an Insteon ID
HD WiFi Camera
Outdoor WiFi camera
HD Outdoor WiFi Camera
Open/Close Sensor On the circuit board beneath the enclosure cover
Hidden Door Sensor On the circuit board beneath the battery
Motion Sensor On the back, above the battery cover
Leak Sensor On the bottom
Smoke Bridge On the back
IO Module On the back
Ceiling Fan Controller On the bottom
Dimmer Micro Module On the back
On/Off Micro Module
Open/Close Micro Module
Ballast Dimmer On the top
Dimmer In-Line Module On the back
On/Off In-Line Module
220V Load Controller On the front
Dimmer DIN Rail Module On the back
On/Off DIN Rail Module
MorningLinc On the back
IRLinc Transmitter
IRLinc Receiver
Range Extender On the back
Energy Display On the back
iMeter Solo On the back