Include Insteon Devices in Logitech Harmony Activities


After you have added Insteon Hub to your Harmony Home Ultimate, Harmony Home Control or Harmony Home Hub, you can add Insteon devices to your Harmony Activities.


Add Insteon Devices to a Harmony Activity

Insteon devices can be added when you create a new Harmony activity or added to an existing activity. These instructions show you how to add Insteon devices to an existing Harmony activity.

Step 1

From the Activities tab in the Harmony app, tap Edit Activities.

Step 2

Tap the activity for which you would like to add Insteon devices.

Step 3

On the Activity Summary screen, scroll down and tap Re-Run Activity.

Step 4

Tap the checkbox for each Insteon device that you would like to include.

Step 5

Follow the on-screen instructions to move through the setup wizard until you reach Adjusting Devices.


Tap the checkbox for each device that you would like to include when your activity starts.

Step 6

Adjust the devices to their desired states, making sure to tap the power symbol if you want the light or appliance on. To brighten or dim a light, drag the vertical black line between low and high.

Step 7

You can chose when Harmony will control these devices by tapping the When to Adjust button. 

Step 8

Tap the next arrow and repeat the adjustment steps for when your activity ends. When finished, tap the next arrow to save your changes and complete setup.