Amazon Alexa and Supported Insteon Thermostats


Amazon Alexa supports control of several different Insteon Thermostats; you can increase or decrease the temperature and change modes just by asking Alexa. Use the information in this article to identify if you have a compatible Insteon Thermostat.

If you have a supported Thermostat and your Amazon Alexa was configured prior to 18 March 2016, you may need to re-run discovery to identify your Insteon Thermostat. Simply say, "Alexa, discover my devices." Your Amazon Alexa should find your Insteon Thermostats and enable voice control.


Supported Insteon Thermostats

These Insteon Thermostats are compatible with Amazon Alexa and allow full voice control functionality of setting temperature and changing modes.


Insteon Wired Thermostat

  • Model 2441TH (Revision 1.1 or later)
Wired Thermostat 01.png

Unsupported Insteon Thermostats

These Insteon Thermostats are not explicitly incompatible with Amazon Alexa but are not guaranteed to function as expected.

Insteon Thermostat for Heat Pumps

  • Model 2732-242 (Any Revision)
Wired Thermostat 01.png

Incompatible Insteon Thermostats

These Insteon Thermostats are incompatible with Amazon Alexa and cannot be controlled.

Insteon Wired Thermostat

  • Model 2441TH (Revision 1.0)
Wired Thermostat 01.png

Insteon Wireless Thermostat

  • Model 2441ZTH
  • Model 2441ZTHR
  • Model 2732-433
  • Model 2732-432
Wireless Thermostat 01.png

Insteon Venstar Thermostat Adapter

  • Model 2441V
  • Model 2441VR
venstar adapter.png

Insteon Venstar Integrated Thermostat

  • Model 2491T1E
  • Model 2491T1ER
  • Model 2491T7E
  • Model 2491T7ER
venstar thermostat.png