What to do if Your Insteon Hub has Stopped Working


If your Insteon Hub model 2245-222 has stopped working (no LED on front of the hub), Insteon now offers a hub migration service that will migrate your existing account information to a brand new hub that we will provide even if you are past the 2-year warranty period. Please follow these steps to take advantage of this service:

  1. Double-check that the Insteon Hub hasn’t simply been unplugged from power (yes, we’ve seen this happen)

  2. Take a photo of the underside of your hub (we are looking for both the Insteon Hub ID and the revision number). Please ensure that it is a clear photo and that the text and numbers are legible.

  3. Attach the photo along with proof of purchase to an email that includes your name and address and send to hubfix@insteon.com. Indicate that your hub has failed and that you would like to receive a migration hub replacement.

Some information regarding hub migration 
Insteon devices are uniquely paired to the Insteon Hub and therefore tied to that hardware. We recently introduced a service that will preserve these links as well as your account info and then saved to a brand new Insteon Hub. The service only takes a few days to process but will save you from having to factory reset your home and reprogram everything. Once you receive the migrated hub, simply reconnect it, activate any sensors you might have and you’re all set.

If you own the first generation Insteon Hub 1 (2242-222) and you are looking to upgrade to the Insteon Hub 2 (2245-222), read this article:

Upgrading from Hub 1 (2242-222) to a Hub 2 (2245-222)