Migrating to a New Insteon Hub


If your Insteon Hub model 2245-222 has stopped working (no LED on front of the hub), Insteon will either repair or replace it, even if it's past the 2-year warranty - restrictions may apply. Please follow these steps to take advantage of this service:

  1. Double-check that the Insteon Hub hasn’t simply been unplugged from power (yes, we’ve seen this happen)
  2. Take a photo of the underside of your hub (we are looking for both the Insteon Hub ID and the revision number). Please ensure that it is a clear photo and that the text and numbers are legible.
  3. Attach the photo along with proof of purchase to an email that includes your name and address and send to hubfix@insteon.com. Indicate whether you would prefer a replacement or a repair. Read the details below to see which option makes sense for you.

Should I get my hub repaired or replaced? 
Insteon devices are uniquely paired to the Insteon Hub and therefore tied to that hardware. While we are working hard on a way to migrate these links, today the option to preserve links along with account information is only possible through a hub repair. Repair does take time to process (up to 1 week after receiving the hub) and in rare cases hubs are not repairable due to the nature of a failure. Once you receive the repaired hub, simply reconnect it and you’re all set.

If your house setup is small or you don't mind factory resetting Insteon devices and reconfiguring your account, getting a replacement hub is the better long-term solution. While it’s possible to add a new hub without resetting your Insteon devices, it’s important to know that device communications will be degraded and sensor battery life reduced since these devices will continue to try and “talk” with the hub that is no longer there.

If you are upgrading from our first generation Insteon Hub (2242-222) to Insteon Hub (2245-222), several steps are required to ensure that your Insteon network is optimally configured after your transition.

Here is a summary of what you'll need to do. The full instructions on how to do each step is covered further down the page.

On your old Insteon Hub

  • Record your home's setup
  • Delete all Scenes
  • Delete all Devices
  • Delete your Account

Important: Failing to delete devices from the older hub will degrade system performance (excess network traffic, delays in control, and reduced battery life for sensors).

On your new Insteon Hub

  • Create an Insteon Account
  • Add your Devices
  • Create Rooms, Scenes, Schedules, etc.

Preparing your old Hub

Your Insteon account stores your home's schedules, rooms and overall house organization. As this information will be deleted when you delete your account, it is strongly suggested that you record this information prior to deleting your account.


From Settings, you can record:

  • The names of your devices. If you have many Insteon devices or devices that are difficult to reach like a Ceiling Fan Controller, consider also recording the device's Insteon ID from that device's settings.
  • The names and constituents of your scenes
  • The names of your rooms
  • The names, times and constituents of your schedules

Delete all Scenes

Before you can delete devices from your account, you must first remove devices that are in use with any scenes. Follow these steps to delete your devices from a scene. You must repeat this step for all scenes.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings and tap Scenes


Step 2

Tap a Scene


Step 3

Scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Scene


Step 4

Tap Yes

The Insteon App will delete the scene and perform housekeeping with the affected devices.


Delete your Devices

To prevent degraded network performance after you disconnect your old Insteon Hub, you must delete all devices. Alternatively, you can perform a factory reset on all of your devices and start anew with your new Insteon Hub.

Step 1

From Settings, tap Devices


Step 2

Tap a Device


Step 3

Scroll to the bottom and, if desired, record the Insteon ID. When ready, tap Delete Device.


Delete your Account


Step 1

From Settings, tap Account


Step 2

Tap Delete Account


Step 3

Confirm that you want to delete the account.

Deleting your account cannot be undone and will erase your home from Insteon Connect.


Preparing your new Hub

Once your account has been deleted, you can begin setting up your new Insteon Hub. Follow the included instructions to connect it to power and your router. Use the information recorded from following the steps in this article to recreate your house.


Basic Troubleshooting

If you are unable to log into the Insteon app, Insteon Support can assist. Send a photograph of the bottom of your Insteon Hub to support@insteon.com and ensure that the Hub's MAC Address and Insteon ID are clearly legible. Please allow up to 48 hours for Insteon Support to process your account deletion request. If you no longer have possession of your original Insteon Hub, send an email to support@insteon.com from the email account asssociated with your Insteon Hub account. 

If you have a substantial number of Insteon devices or many of your devices are in difficult-to-reach locations, Insteon Support can assist and provide you with a list of your devices' names and Insteon IDs. Send a request to support@insteon.com and be sure to include your Hub's Insteon ID and MAC Address. Please allow up to 72 hours for Insteon Support to process your Insteon device list request.