Amazon Echo Didn't Control My Devices As Expected


When using Amazon Echo to control your Insteon lights and appliances, you may encounter a situation where Alexa does not perform the expected or desired action. There are several reasons why this may occur.

  • Your voiced command included contradictory operations
  • Amazon Echo misheard your request
  • Amazon Echo heard your request correctly but an issue communicating with Insteon prevented your lights or appliances from operating as expected


Contradictory Commands

When issuing commands to Amazon Echo, ensure that your statements do not include contradictions. Amazon Echo may not respond as expected if you request multiple differing operations (off and brighten, for example) in the same statement.

If the names of your Insteon lights and appliances include words like "on," "off," "bright," "dim," or "set," Amazon Echo may misinterpret the name of your device as your desired action for that device. To avoid this issue, rename your devices using the Insteon app and ask Amazon Echo to discover your devices.


Amazon Echo Misheard Your Request

You can view a transcript of your requests to Amazon Echo. If Echo has misunderstood your request, you can also provide feedback on what you had hoped would happen.

Step 1

Launch the Alexa app and tap the drawer button in the upper left corner


Step 2

Tap Settings


Step 3

Tap History


Step 4

From the list of voice interactions, tap the line that was misunderstood.


Step 5

If the transcription does not match your utterance, tap "No" under Did Alexa do what you wanted. If the transcription does match your utterance but the expected Insteon devices were not controlled, contact Insteon Support and reference this article. If necessary, Insteon Support will create a support ticket to investigate your issue.


Step 6

Tap the Send more detailed feedback button and complete the detailed Email Feedback form.