Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera Setup

As of December 31 2016 Insteon will no longer provide technical support for standard definition cameras (75791)

Getting Started


Connect the ethernet cable to your router and plugin the power adapter. You can disconnect the ethernet cable after setup is complete.


Connect the cables to your camera.


Mount the bracket using screws and wall anchors.

Different wall materials require different fasteners. Use the appropriate type for your mounting surface. Drywall screws and anchors have been provided. Use caution when drilling holes in walls that may contain live electrical wires.

Position your camera and affix it with the set screw. Secure camera connections in a weather-resistant enclosure.

Open the Insteon for Hub app and select Add a Camera. Insteon cameras require Insteon Hub.

Guides, Manuals and Downloads

Quick Start Guide

Owner's Manual


Camera Firmware

Keep your Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera up-to-date; updates add features, fix bugs and close potential security vulnerabilities.


Current Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera Firmware

Web UI