Deleting your Insteon Account

Use the information in this article to understand what services and features are affected when deleting an Insteon account. The information in this article applies to Insteon Hub (2012) and Insteon Hub (2014).

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Information removed from Insteon servers

  • Your email address and password
  • Your Insteon Hub device ID and pairing keys
  • Your house database including any devices, scenes, rooms, schedules and configured alerts


Insteon services that will no longer function

  • Control of your home using the Insteon for Hub app
  • Any connections with Insteon Connects including control from Amazon Echo and Logitech Harmony
  • Remote access to Insteon HD Wi-Fi Cameras
  • Push notification or email alerts



Insteon services that will continue to function

  • Local control of Insteon devices including but not limited to light switches, keypads, plug-in devices, and thermostats will continue to function. 

    To prevent degradation of your home's Insteon network, it is strongly recommended that you remove all scenes and devices using the Insteon app prior to deleting your account if you plan to remove Insteon Hub from your home. If you have already deleted your account, you should factory reset your Insteon devices using the instructions found in each devices' Owner's Manual.
  • Scenes configured with the Insteon app that also included one or more "controllers"
  • Sunrise, sunset or time-based schedules will continue to execute but you will not be able to modify or disable the schedule
  • Control of Sonos speakers